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Yeshiva Highlights

It has been a fantastic two weeks in Yeshiva. The students have all been learning about and getting excited for the upcoming Chagim. The atmospere in the Beis Midrash has been very upbeat and energetic. The buzz is in the air and you can feel the excitement for Purim! We had a beautiful Rosh Chodesh Adar Beis Davening followed by a delicious lox, bagels, and eggs breakfast for the students and the community.

We had the amazing opportunity today to visit the Gadol and Mekubal HaRav Gamliel Rabinovich shlit"a. He gave divrei Chizuk to the students and answered some questions. He also spoke about the importance of Purim and how it can impact our lives. We followed the meeting with the Rav with a delicious lunch in Geulah. The week prior we took an amazing trip to the separate beach in Ashdod, and enjoyed volleyball and a delicious BBQ. The weather is slowly turning to Summer heat, and we're taking every opportunity we can to get out and see Eretz Yisroel!

The Yeshiva will be taking a trip to Eilat on Sunday G-dwilling, to truly get some warm weather and water sports! Everyone is geared up and excited about the trip. We will be back on Tuesday evening in time to prepare for Taanis Esther. The Purim seudah will be hosted at the Rosh Yeshiva's house for the whole yeshiva, and we are looking forward to dancing and celebrating the simcha of the day with all of Yerushalayim on Shushan Purim!

Regards from the Lev,

Good Shabbos!


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