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Contemplating Completion

Parshas Vayakhel

After Chet Ha'Egel, the Torah goes on to describe Hashem's specific way of connecting with him to repair the damaged relationship after the sin. Hashem has to teach us how we can come closer to Him, however, Hashem does this in a very specific way - through the mitzvos of Shabbat and the building of the Mishkan. The laws of Shabbat are derived from the 39 malachos of the building of the Mishkan. Shabbat is so important because it's the essence of what makes us Jewish. The world was built up for six days of creation, leading up to Shabbat. And Shabbat was created for the Jews.

Shabbat was given to us in a very unique and beautiful way. Hashem shows us that there is always an answer. It might not come immediately, but that day of completion will always arrive. Chazal tell us that we received two crowns when we said Na'aseh V'nishmah at Har Sinai, and we lost it at Chet Ha'Egel. The Navi Yeshayahu says that we will receive our crowns back at the times of Mashiach, when the ultimate completion will arrive. Shabbat shows us that there is an end.

Sometimes we sit and suffer through the week, awaiting for Shabbat to come and save us. Shabbat allows us to reconnect to the essence of Judaism, of creation, and to Hashem. We are able to reconnect to everything that connects us to the reality of the truth of the world. It's how Hashem gives us rachamim and a chance at salvation. We came from such a high elevated place at Har Sinai, but then we fell so low. It's not about falling. It's about getting up, but even more, it's about ensuring that you get up in a way that you understand that the completion will arrive and shleimus will be achieved.

~ Yosef Prigal is the Dorm Counselor for Yeshivas Lev Zion.

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