TRIPS 2014-2015


Take a glimpse inside our beis medrash and see our students’ minds ignite. We find just the right style of learning for each student so that each leaves his learning seder engaged and inspired.


Explore Eretz Yisroel with us on our trips and Shabbatons. We hike through the north, ride across open terrain on horseback and plunge into seas and wadis. You will connect to yourself, your friends and the land of Israel.


Come join us on our weekly volunteer program.  We pack food bundles for Israel’s hungry and perform live music and dance with the elderly. Again, we put our guitars to work as we play, sing and raise tzedaka for those in need. See how your talents can truly help others.


Sometimes one needs to experience darkness to appreciate light. Our annual Poland trip is an eye-opening experience.  We give our boys historical perspective on the Holocaust and what it means to be a Jew. It deeply affects how they see the past and how they view their future.



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