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Reb Yitz Tendler​

Founder and Director


Reb Yitz's sincerity, understanding, and acceptance make him a great rebbe and mentor. He is known for his availability to his boys and his open home for Shabbos meals, barbques, kumzitsin and just to shmooze. Reb Yitz learned in Yeshivas Mir, Jerusalem and is a talmid and musmach of Rav Yitzchak Berkovits of the Jerusalem Kollel, from where he received smicha.


Dr. Jacob Freedman

Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist 

Jacob L. Freedman, MD, is a board-certified psychiatrist and a business consultant based in Israel. After completing his training as an award-winning chief resident at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Dr. Freedman and his wife followed their lifelong dream and made aliyah to Israel with their family. When he is not with his patients, Dr. Freedman can be found learning Torah in the Old City or hiking in the hills outside of Jerusalem. He can be reached via his website,

Rabbi Ethan Katz
Director of Operations


Rabbi Ethan Katz is originally from Chicago, Illinois. He is the Menahel, working on the development and programming of the Yeshiva, and is a learning Rebbi in the mornings. He received his semicha from R' Yitzchak Berkovits at the Jerusalem Kollel. Rabbi Katz comes with experience working in Jewish outreach and education, including working as campus Rabbi at Emory University in Atlanta, as director of advanced progamming. He enjoys connecting with the students through learning, shmoozing, and trips. Reb Ethan is always down for a good game of basketball or ping pong.



Rabbi Mati Friedman


Rabbi Mati is a talmud muvhak and musmach of Rav Yitzhak Berkovitz and Harav Asher Weiss. As an accomplished Talmid Chochom and Posek, he serves as an invaluable resource to Lev Zion. He is available at all hours for any questions that arise.

Chaya Lock

Director of Programming - Girls 

Chaya has extensive training and experience working in the mental health arena. She has worked in a wide range of environments, a hospital, St. Ann's Hospice, Neshomo and Orot Hatora seminary. She opened an online platform for women across the globe to access help when they are in dire situations.​

Barry Ringel

Director of Programming - Boys

Barry brings a distinctive understanding of the challenges encountered by struggling teens and young adults, derived from his personal life experiences and challenges. Previously a dorm counselor at Neveh Zion, an institution dedicated to supporting struggling teens, Barry joined Lev Zion to extend his impact. Currently pursuing a master's degree in clinical mental health counseling, he actively deepens his knowledge to better support individuals facing similar struggles. Barry is known for his warm smile, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for every young man entering our doors, ensuring they feel at home.

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Shimon Wexler

Director of Personal and Agricultural Development

Originally from Upstate NY Shimon Wexler is a landscape builder turned outreach worker who focuses on connecting with the Bochurim by building and growing the land through our various programs offered at the Farm. Driven by Derech Eretz and Achdut Shimon takes the experiences he's has had throughout the various programs and Yeshivas he has been involved with and applies it to our Farm.  Shimon has "been down the road" That many struggling youth face, because of that he is able to develop a special connection with these youth and really has been a big help in preparing them mentally and emotionally to be productive members of Jewish Society.

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