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Yeshiva Highlights

The past two weeks in Yeshiva have been nothing short of exciting. We gratefully began to appreciate as the weather slowly turns warmer. With Purim and Pesach right around the corner, we have launched a new learning program in the morning, to kick-off the day with the halachos of Purim.

We did an exhilirating hike up the mountain of Masada - at 4am! The sunrise hike was an amazing experience that took us up the winding snake path to the top of Masada to greet the sunrise and daven vasikin. Before we started the hike we had a great time with a BBQ and bonfire, in anticipation for the hike ahead. This week we got to go the Israeli Primate Preservation Park, also known as "Monkey Park", where they rescue and rehabilitate monkeys from all over the world. We got to inside enclosed areas with the monkeys and see these amazing creatures up close and personal. A few of them even tried to snatch our bags and kippahs! There were great obstacles courses, parks, and even a short zipline, to let us get our monkey play out as well. As the weather starts to warm up, we

are looking forward to getting back outdoors and further appreciating the beauty of Eretz Yisroel.

We have had some amazing kumzitzim and opportunities to sing, bond, and learn Torah! We also had the opportunity of hearing from Rabbi Moshe Garylik, one of the chief editors of Mishpacha, who told us some unbelievable stories of how he miraculously excaped the Holocaust and made it to Israel. We are always looking for new and exciting speakers to come in and teach the students, as well as plentiful sponsorship opportunities to bring them in!

Regards from the Lev,

Have a great Shabbos!


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