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Yeshiva Highlights

~ Highlights for the two weeks ending Parshas Va'eirah (1/5/18) It has been a fun-filled and action packed two weeks here at Lev Zion. We got to go Sandboarding (a.k.a. Sand sledding) in the towering Sand dunes of Ashdod with homemade sand boards! We ended off the evening with a delicious BBQ while the sun set slowly over our heads while overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Last week we also got to exercise and get our feet wet at the Ein Mabuah water hike (also known as Wadi Qelt). From there, we jumped to Mizpe Yericho for another great BBQ. This Shabbos the entire Yeshiva will be hosted at Rabbi & Rebbetzin Charlop's home for a home-cooked Shabbos Seudah. The guys raised funds for "Chickens for Shabbos" Chessed organization, which provides chickens to needy families in Israel for Shabbos. Morning learning by the students and the Lev Zion Kollel are helping keeping us warm as winter settles in on Yerushalayim. Systema (Russian Martial Arts) instructor Chaim Mandel is continuing his series and the getting the guys in shape. Rabbi Hill has been helping many of the students hone in on their inner artist and express themselves through music or singing lessons. This week, the Yeshiva kicked off its fundraiser raffle, the Lev Zion Sweepstakes, which is a sweepstakes that gives ticket holders a chance to win $500 weekly, all 52 weeks of the year, and 12 chances to win monthly round trip tickets to Israel! We set up a call center in Yeshiva and the guys are hard at work selling raffle tickets while enjoying late-night BBQ's with the Yeshiva's alumni. If you are interested in supporting the students & Yeshiva in this amazing fundraiser, please see more at this is a unique and fun opportunity to give tzedakah, all with amazing odds of winning! Please share the link with your family and friends!

Regards from the Lev,

Have a good Shabbos!

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