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Student Spotlight: Yaakov Babani

Symbols of Greatness

Parshas Va'eirah - Short vort

When Moshe went to Paroah to ask him to free the Jews for the first time, HaShem told him to show them a sign that would prove that G-d was on his side. HaShem said that Moshe should throw down his staff, and it would then turn into a snake.

Why did HaShem choose the sign specifically to be Moshe’s staff turning into a snake? What is the significance of this?

The reason why HaShem specifically chose this miracle was to illustrate the fact that at the time, while oppressed as slaves in Mitzrayim, Bnei Yisrael may find themselves at a spiritual and societal low, like a snake crawling on the ground. However, as soon as they are out of Mitzrayim, they will transform into a spiritual powerful being, represented by the staff of Moshe.

~ Yaakov Babani is a second year student at Lev Zion, and is originally from Monsey, NY.

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