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Yeshiva Highlights

Yeshiva Highlights - for two weeks ending Parshas Vayechi. The past two weeks have been filled with exciting trips, Chessed opportunities, and powerful Torah learning! All the students have been enjoying the buzzing atmosphere in the Beis Midrash due to the Lev Zion Kollel joining us for morning Seder learning (and the sponsorship of daily freshly brewed coffee doesn't hurt too much either!). On Asarah B'Teves, we had a special afternoon program to help us understand the Churban and Galus, with a presentation about the Holocaust. We also had the chance to go on a trip to Israel's biggest trampoline park, iJump, located in Rishon LeZion. We got to enjoy the thrill of Rock Climbing. Additionally, this past week we took a road trip down to the Dead Sea to enjoy a bit of warm weather outside of Jerusalem and got to soak in the salty waters of the Yam HaMelech. We also would like to take this opportunity to give a warm welcome to our newest Rabbi and staff member, Rabbi Shmuel Landsman. Rabbi Shmuel will be joining us daily to help enhance the Yeshiva's afternoon seder program. Rabbi Landsman comes with much experience from teaching at a number of different Yeshivos and seminaries, and he will be, G-dwilling, helping us further expand our core curriculum for afternoon seder. He also comes with experience as a registered tour guide in Israel, and hopes to take the students on many enjoyable hikes and Chessed trips! It's a pleasure having Rabbi Landsman as part of the Lev Zion family! Last but not least, we would like to thank everyone who helped the Yeshiva and became an essential part of completing an incredible year of growth and accomplishment at Lev Zion, Baruch Hashem. As the financial year 2018 comes to a close, we would like to remind everyone that any donations before December 31st will still fully qualify as a charitable tax deduction. Your donation to the Yeshiva help us keep doing what we love most, furthering our reach and expanding our program to even more students. Many sponsorship opportunities exist, and donations can be processed here.

Regards from the Lev,

Good Shabbos!

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