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Yeshiva Highlights

We are getting very excited for Chanukah here in Yeshiva! In honor of Chanukah, we are planning our big Tzfat Shabbaton for Shabbos, and the excitement is in the air. The past two weeks in Yeshiva have been action-packed, and Boruch Hashem, the Beis Midrash is pumping! We officially started our Lev Zion Morning Kollel for alumnus and avreichim who wish to learn by us in the morning in order to help enhance the atmosphere in the Beis Midrash. The avreichim treat the students with warmth and care, headed by Rabbi Mati Friedman and Shmuel Appel, and we couldn't be happier that the Kollel has arrived!

The boys have been doing lots of work around the house to get it up and in-shape. We have been working on arranging the workout exercise equipment, the garden (soon-to-be), coloring and painting the student lounge & dining room, and adding finishing touches to the Yeshiva's main courtyard. It is great to see the students getting involved and participating in the upkeep and enhancements of the building and making it their own. We have also begun a new class in the afternoons called "Master Chef," a series of classes where the students will learn (and taste-test) different cooking skills and recipes. So far, the students have really enjoyed making personal pizzas and having a smores competition.

We had the amazing opportunity to see a "Virtual Reality Tour" of the Beis HaMikdash at the Kotel Tours. As we spun around in our seats and looked all over, we actually got the feel that we were standing in the Beis HaMikdash courtyard with the Kohanim. We had an amazing chessed trip with Pantry Packers, where we assisted in packing dried goods for needy families (see pictures below).

We took a great trip down to the observatory at the Azrieli Towers, where we enjoyed a breathtaking panoramo of all of Tel Aviv's skyline. Next, we headed over to Escape Room, where two teams competed to escape the Mossad's secret bunkers! Everyone had a blast! This past week for our trip, we got to see some security checkpoints and interact with the soldiers and security personnel who help protect the borders of Eretz Yisroel. We also went on an unbelievable hike through the valleys of Nachal Og, a snake-like trail with water pools and climbing ladders, carved out by many years of running water.

Additionally, we had an amazing Shabbaton on Moshav Ariel with Rabbi Avraham Prupas! The Prupas family moved out there to help bring Yiddishkeit and Torah to the Moshav, and we felt so priviliged to come down for a Shabbos and take part in trying to help with that mission. Right before the Shabbaton, we brought in Nissim Black, the legendary Chassidic Super Star & Rapper, to lead our kumzitz and give meaningful divrei Torah and words of inspiration. It was an unforgettable kumzitz & Shabbos!

Regards from the Lev


*To sponsor events such as the Kumzitz with Nissim Black, or a learning/mitzvah program for our students, please be in touch as

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