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Student Spotlight: Ben Frier

More Than a Couple Jars

The Parsha relates that Yaakov was traveling with his family. After crossing a river, he returend to retrieve some small jars that were left behind. This ultimately became a confrontation with Eisav's angel, who fought against Yaakov until sunrise. Finally, the angel submitted to Yaakov, who able to get his jugs back. He spent the whole night fighting just so he can get his jars. This seems like someone who really values his belongings, and cherishes everything he has. From this fight, he was given the name Yisroel. We see from this that a person who does just one small thing to show how he appreciates and cares for everything he has, resulted in his own name being defined for the future of all Jews.

Throughout my time in Lev Zion, I have had a chance to meet and become close with some amazing people. Even though I come from a different background as most of them, we sitll teach each other a lot. One thing I have learned from my friends, just like from Yaakov, is that one must care for their property. G-d gives us every single thing we have. If we don't take the time and energy to care about the the things we have, even the small and seemingly insignificant things, it's like we are spitting on the gifts we have been given.

I hope to treat everything G-d gives me with respect, and to not take anything for granted. We have to be careful with what we do with our things and what we say with our friends, because one day we might wake up without it.

~ Ben is a first year student at Lev Zion, from Hollywood, Florida

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