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Alumni Corner: Avromi Russell

Layers of Connection

Parshas Vayishlach

The Parsha begins "Vayishlach Yaakov Maalachim". As we are familiar with the famous children's song, Esav was coming with 400 men, Yaakov was davening to Hashem... Vayishlach yaakov Malachim Lifanav and Yaakov sends Malachim to Esav. If we take a look at the opeing Rashi for the Parsha, Rashi explains that this phrase means "Malachim Mamash" - Real Angels. I personally have connected deeply to the idea of 70 faces of the Torah. The Torah is so incredibly deep that it can be interpreted on many levels, by many people, of all ages, regardless of how much previous knowledge they may have. This is how the same "Book" can be studied by third graders and Torah scholars alike. To bring out the depth of this point I would like to share a simple vort from Rav shimshon Miantripale. He says that the cryptic word Rashi writes - "mamash" - is in actuallity an acronym for the names of the 3 Malachim which were sent; Michoel, Malkiel, and Shandikel (MaMaSh). All three names combined hold the same numeric value as the words 'Vayishlach Yaakov Malachim'. Rabbi Effy of Neveh went further to say that these were the "helping angels" and the numerical value of "Ezrat" is also the same as vayishlach yaakov malachim. The many layers of the Torah can and must be plumbed in order to appreciate it in all it's incredible depth and beauty. Before I came to study in this Yeshiva I had been shadowing a young boy at Arie crown in Chicago and in third grade we began to learn Rashi. As it turned out, his first Rashi ever, was my first Rashi that I learned in Yeshiva. It was this Rashi. May we all merit to see the depth of the Torah in all it's amazing facets and teachings.

~ Avromi is originally from Chicago and an alumni of our Yeshiva. He also served as a fantastic dorm counselor, and has since got married and made Aliyah to Israel. Avromi currently learns every morning at the Lev Zion Morning Kollel, run by Rabbi Mati Friedman.

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