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Yeshiva Highlights

It has been a great two weeks here at Lev! We kicked our learning into full gear and the Beis Midrash is packed in the mornings, Boruch Hashem! Being that Chanukah is the time to celebrate the Torah SheBal Peh, we just began our "Chanukah Mishna Challenge" initiative, which takes place every morning for 15 minutes before first seder starts. All who participate will team up to finish meseches brachos and enjoy a nice reward for participating so diligently in this Yeshiva-wide learning project.* The students are also working on GED/College classes with Doc Simon, learning Hebrew in Ulpan, and getting music and martial arts lessons.

This week we had the opportunity to finally tie on our tzitzis strings to the tye-dye begadim that we made. Rabbi Slavin joined us from Telzstone to carefully review the halachos and string tying/knotting process in full detail. The students got to walk away with their own pairs they can proudly tote in all their tye-dye beauty. We all had fun on our mini-trip around Yerushalayim going extreme Go Karting in Talpiyot, in Jerusalem.

For a chessed trip we had the amazing opportunity to play music and give out candies to cheer up sick children in Hadassah Hospital. This week we also had the chance to participate in an amazing program called Pantry Packers, a chessed program organized to pack food for needy families and homeless individuals. We truly gain when we take the opportunity to give to others, and these trips also really enahnce the achdus in the Yeshiva as well.

For tiyulim, everyone had a lot of fun zipping around while Electric Biking on the Tel Aviv Boardwalk. We also had a chance to get one last trip to the Beach in before winter, and ended the day with a fantastic BBQ and bonfire in Beit Meir, overlooking the hills of Yerushalayim.

We also would like to take the opportunity to wish our former dorm counselor Sam Edelmuth and his kallah a huge Mazel Tov on their wedding! We are so happy that we got to participate and dance with you at your simcha!

Good Shabbos to all!

Regards from the Lev


* If you or anyone you knows would like to sponsor a learning initiative program at Lev Zion with our students l'zecher nishmas or l'refuas shelaimeh of someone (or any other reason), please be in contact with us at

* You can find out more about Pantry Packer's amazing work here:


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