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Yeshiva Highlights

We are enjoying getting a chance to explore Israel through exciting trips all while jumping in full speed to the Yeshiva's schedule and Torah learning. To start, we had a "Tye-Dye Tzitzis Party" wtih R' Katzburg, who came in all the way from Tzfas to teach us how to tye-dye the begadim for our tzitzis. The designs and artistic expression that the students put into their own pairs of tzitzis were amazing! We spent the remainder of the time tye-dying tzitzis for a non-for-profit organization that aims to make Tzitzis available to Jews all over the world. Now that the tzitzis are dried and washed, we are looking forward to learning the halachos of how to tie the tzitzis strings onto our begadim.

We have begun weekly classes given by world renowned professor, endearingly nicknamed "The Doc", Professor Simon. He assists the students in obtaining GED & College course-credits. We are continuing to expand our volunteer work including raising money to buy candies and toys for sick children in Jerusalem hospitals. We also plan to volunteer packaging and distributing food to the needy throughout Eretz Yisroel.

This week, the boy were priviliged to have a Yeshiva-wide special presentation from our very own Dr. Yaakov Freedman. Additionally, the students have begun to take turns each day to give a 5-minute "Dvar Halacha" to the whole Yeshiva, and it has been so inspiriing to see the students learning the material and step up to the plate to deliver powerful divrei halacha.

Last week we took an amazing tiyul down to the Dead Sea (quite literally down, as it is the lowest point in the world!). We had a chance to float and relax in the salty waters after an exhilirating hike up through a river bed, beyond a waterfall, and up to an amazing view of Southern Israel and Jordan. We also took a trip this week to the Old City. After having a delicious BBQ at Teddy Park, overlooking the ancient Old City walls, we climbed up to the Rampart's walk and got to walk on the actual walls all throughout the Old City's beautiful quarters. We ended the day with swimming in an indoor private pool.

Straight from our Lev to yours,

Wishing all a Good Shabbos!

P.S. The inspiring shiur that Nissim Black gave at Lev Zion a few weeks ago, has been uploaded and can be found here.


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