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Yeshiva Highlights

It's been great jumping back into Yeshiva from Sukkos Bein Hazmanim! The students had a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather at the Rishon LeZion separate swimming beach. Everyone relaxed while playing frisbee and swimming through the waves. We started Yeshiva up again with a shiur from guest speaker & popular Chassidic Rapper Nissim Black, who delivered an excellent shiur about the value of being unique and reaching for greatness. We began our first class of Ulpan (Hebrew 101) to help the students become more fluent in their Hebrew, and to better experience Israel during their time here. After enjoying a special Rosh Chodesh breakfast and learning, the Yeshiva took a trip to the center of town, where we all jammed with instruments and singing to help raise money for sick children in the Hospital. We are currently on an overnight camping trip in Northern Israel Galilee, right off the Yardanit (the Jordan Tribunary) enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds in the nature of Eretz Yisroel. We had a delicious bbq and an awesome kumzitz around the campfire. We visited the boardwalk in Tiveria, overlooking the Kineret. In anticipation to the Yeshiva's upcoming Shabbaton in Tzfat for the Shabbos Project (Oct. 26-27), we will be having a Tye-Dye Tzitzis-making class early next week. We are looking forward to tye-dying them, as well as learning how to tie on the tzitzis strings, to prepare our Tzitzis for the big Shabbaton.

Regards from the Lev,

Lev Zion


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